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The Fellowship of St. Silas is a pan-Orthodox Christian prison ministry whose goal is to work in a unified way on behalf of those who are behind prison walls. The many prisoners to whom we minister across the country simply desire to pray, repent and be nurtured in their faith.


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offers free Orthodox spiritual materials to prisoners. Make sure to check out their website by clicking on the logo.



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June 2014

Christ is in our midst!

I grew up in a city that was very prejudiced. All ethnic groups lived in their “community”.
I recently met with what is referred to in the gang world as a “lieutenant” from a local gang. I met him at a Bible study in jail that is called “Fathers who have troubles with sons”.

Icon-PentecostHe confided to me that his son was recently shot in a “drive by”, and he felt the guilt and shame of his son’s accident.

When I first met Mr. Young (not his real name), I perceived him to be a cold-blooded man who had no respect for others. I was wrong. He gave his life to Christ and is now teaching his son how to live as a Christian.

I was told, many years ago, first impressions are usually wrong...

No one knows who is spiritual... I believe there are many saints around us and sometimes they reveal unto us our need to live for Christ.

May the beauty of heaven consume you…

Fr. David Ogan

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