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The Fellowship of St. Silas is a pan-Orthodox Christian prison ministry whose goal is to work in a unified way on behalf of those who are behind prison walls. The many prisoners to whom we minister across the country simply desire to pray, repent and be nurtured in their faith.


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offers free Orthodox spiritual materials to prisoners. Make sure to check out their website by clicking on the logo.



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March 2014

Greetings to you during this season of spiritual renewal!

I heard many years ago a fellow priest say something to me that I found quite peculiar. Someone had broken into our church and we found him asleep in the kitchen. Fortunately he did not do any damage, but we still had him arrested. A month later I received our telephone bill and the amount was over 1,400 dollars. By the grace of God we did not have to pay it, but the young man made restitution through the court.  Now here was what my priest friend said, “Father you just got hit with a Lenten meanie.” It took me a while to fully grasp his wisdom.

In the last six months a virus invaded our main computer. Lots of data was lost, but we are up and running again due to the wisdom of computer geniuses. Then, at the beginning of Lent, my laptop “died”. I use my laptop every day. The Lenten “meanies” has hit again! This laptop is vital in my work. If you know someone who would be willing to donate a laptop I will be ever so grateful! I also work with the homeless in downtown Nashville and if I receive more than one I will donate the extras to the education project which helps the homeless find jobs and complete their GED. I am humbled making this request, but I do so with a pure heart and a desire to continue to do the work our Lord has called me to do. Here is a letter I just received this week:

Christ - Angel of Great Counsel“Father, our Orthodox group has been temporarily put on hold because our volunteer Fr. R has not had his approval renewal, and our other volunteer is
out of the country. This is why I appreciate your letters and you sharing about your older days! Smile, we all need to hear that our sins are forgiven. And
yes, I have memorized Psalm 50 (51), and say it every day in my daily prayer habit. Well this is Cheese-fair Sunday and tomorrow we begin the Great Fast. Pray
for me.” (Anthony from Pennsylvania)

Please pray for all our “flock” during this Great Lent.

May the sweet breeze of Lent renew you and cause your love for Christ to increase,

Fr. David

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